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Peace of mind.

That’s what my client Dr. Zach LaBoube wanted when he came to me. Zach runs a wellness and weight loss clinic. He’s created a diet that thousands of people are raving about.

But he was afraid money was slipping through the cracks. And it was— within just a few short months of working with me, his sales tripled.

He said,

“This will definitely be my best month. It really is a comfort working with you. I don’t have to stress and panic about leaving money on the table. That was always my biggest fear. Thanks, Mike. “

I’m proud of the work I did for Zach. But it wasn’t rocket science. In fact, Zach was making the exact same mistakes that most business owners are making. And once those mistakes were fixed, sales tripled.

I don’t know about you or the business you run. But I DO know there’s a really good chance you’re leaving money on the table right now. Maybe it’s a few thousand dollars a month. Or it could be a whole lot more.

That’s why I’ve created a simple, step-by-step checklist you can use to check over your business. It makes it easy to see holes where money is leaking.

You’ll learn:

  • The key to marketing that really works. This is not what the ad agencies are doing, and I explain why.
  • The first thing any business owner should do before selling anything. If you don’t have this figured out, you can multiply your business over the next year by doing so.
  • The most important part of your website. Without this your website is only reaching maybe 10% of its potential.
  • My #1 method for multiplying sales overnight. I credit this one technique with tripling Zach’s business.
  • Why your customers would most likely prefer to pay you more than they are right now.
  • My personal test to see if your advertisements and websites are really communicating with your customers. If they aren’t, marketing will just frustrate you.
  • And more…

This checklist is a free gift for you. And if you really use it to go over your business, I promise you’ll find several areas right away where you’re losing money.

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