Three Case Studies That Definitively Prove My Writing Can Make Your Next Fortune

…plus 9 tips from the trenches you can use today to unlock hidden profits and increase sales by up to 2,517%*

 *Source: Case Study #3

I’m excited you’re reading this right now.

I’m honored to have your attention.

Yet at the same time, let’s appreciate the timeless laws of advertising working right now, making this meeting inevitable.

Although you made up your own mind to read this report, it’s the exact result I set out to create when writing it. I can help you position your products and services the same way. Buying from you becomes the customer’s idea. THE logical next step to whatever thread of desire or gnawing pain guides their wallet.

“Lead generation has increased which has helped my company reach a six-figure monthly revenue.”

-Jason Carlson, VA Help Center

When you create this effect, you can’t help but experience the large, often rapid results I bring my clients. A snowball that not only makes you more profit right now, but compounds over time, leading to peace of mind rarely found in the business world.

In this report you’ll find the facts, figures and charts that definitively prove my writing sells. You’ll also find 9 insights I’ve picked up over my course of each of these projects. These are insights gained with money… usually a lot of money… on the line.

I hope you’ll glean at least one idea from this report that leads directly to more profits. Even if I never write a word for you.

Let’s begin:

Case Study #1: The Amazing Diet Secret Of A Skinny White Nerd Whose Biggest Problem In Life Is Gaining Weight!

In 2012, I met bodybuilding legend Dave Goodin (he is featured in the University of Texas Bodybuilding Hall of Fame next to Arnold). I’d never been to a gym before and was looking forward to gaining some muscle and looking my best. I figured with Dave’s help, I couldn’t fail.

“We’ve been trying everything to get Ceregumil Kids selling on Amazon. Since January 1st, 2016 to May 2nd, 2016, we sold 72 units total. On April we contracted Michael Collins, who was so professional and honest. After we implemented his copy we sold 59 units total in just 23 days— then we ran out of stock! Last month we sold 173 units! I would recommend Mike again and again! Thank you Mike!”

-Jordi Martinez, Ceregumil Amazon Seller

There was just one problem: I found it very difficult to eat enough. I just didn’t want to. Which is why it might be ironic that some of my best selling writing has been in the Weight Loss space.

Here’s how it happened:

When I met Dr. Zach LaBoube, founder of InsideOut Wellness and author of “HCG 2.0”, he was making an average of $4,000 a month. It was steady income he appreciated. Yet he felt he was leaving a fortune on the table.

More, he wanted a business that would give him the life he really wanted. He wanted to travel the world. He wanted to write a novel. None of that was possible while he was working full-time at his practice.

I started by redesigning and rewriting his website, then setting up a 7-part autoresponder series. I also made his lead magnet “calorie calculator” more prominent, to ensure we were maximizing email subscribers.

A few months later, his sales hit $12,000 in consistent monthly income.

I wasn’t finished.

Dr. Zach was my guinea pig for Ben Settle style daily emails. He was reluctant to sell to his list every single day. Yet I was able to convince him, and that month, his sales hit $28,000:

Michael S. Collins Copywriter

58% increase in revenue after one month of emails.

This led to partnering with him directly. For six months I wrote daily emails for Dr. Zach. During that time, he launched two new products, primarily sold through email. The first month he made over $99,000:

Michael S. Collins $100k product launch

Revenue more than tripled after new product launch.

Since I started working with Zach, he has been all over the world. And, he even wrote his novel!

“It really is a comfort working with you. I don’t have to stress and panic about leaving money on the table. That was always my biggest fear. Thanks, Mike.”
Dr. Zach LaBoube, InsideOut Wellness

Tips From The Trenches:

  • Research trumps experience. I didn’t personally know what it was like to be overweight. Surprisingly, this gave me a huge advantage. Because I researched the hell out of my customers, and ultimately knew parts of them better than they knew themselves. My drive and ability to do the best research possible gives me and my clients an enormous edge in virtually every market.
  • Daily emails boost sales like nothing else can. My favorite part about emailing every day is my clients make a fortune basically overnight. Few techniques can produce such rapid, reliable results.
  • Great copy has awesome defensive power. One day, Dr. Zach’s merchant account stopped accepting payments. He went from accepting credit cards to e-checks only. E-checks require you to put your bank account and routing number online before you can pay (!). Obviously customers were afraid to do this. I emailed about it for two weeks and we changed our buyers’ habits. Ultimately, switching to e-checks may have even grown his sales. When you control the message, you can weather more than you think (and way more than your competitors).

Case Study #2: How An Overnight Marketing Sex-Change Grew This Adult Brand’s Size By Over 2,000%!

Growing up, I remember looking on the back of all my toys and seeing “Made in China”. Then, in school, many of my teachers taught me that soon, China would overtake the U.S.A. The economy was so large that it was inevitable.

“Mike’s writing drew a surprising amount of attention to my website in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

-Matt McLaughlin, Austin Piano Festival 

So when I got the opportunity to move to Shenzhen, China in September of 2016, I leapt at it. They flew me out and immediately put me to work selling electronics, robotics, supplements… and… sex toys!

I was assigned the top marketing position for Bravolink Adult Toys. A brand that was making just $7,000 a month in revenue. The brand was deemed so impotent only a miracle could improve its performance.

The job of turning around sales was assigned to me. With a talented team, we changed the brand name to Lyps. We redesigned the packaging. We named each toy individually and gave them personalities. In the copy, I wrote about the true value of our brand. The highest quality at the lowest price. The best motors. The strongest vibrations. The most titillating… well… you get the idea.

“The article Mike wrote for me got over 700 ‘upvotes’ on Reddit. To say the least, I’m very impressed.”

-David Lahav, Word of Web

On the website, I created a dense resource on all the benefits that come with using these toys (of which there are shockingly many). I touched on subjects of fun, variety, intimacy, and health. We created a friendly, cute and sexy brand with personality the masses would enjoy.

All this being done we relaunched the brand at Christmas. In this case, the data tells the story better than my words ever could:

Michael S. Collins 400k in 48 days

The first month, we made over $200,000 in sales. At the time of this screenshot, we had passed over $2,700,000! As a result of this success, I won an “employee of the year” award, which I’m very proud of:

Michael S. Collins award winning copywriter

Translation: Michael Collins – Responsible for Lyps American channel development, independent brand website. Results of 3.6 million RMB ($540,990.00 USD) sales in 40 days.

“Mike was critical in growing Lyps to over $3,000,000 in sales in less than 12 months.”
Lily Cao, Lyps Adult Toys

Tips From The Trenches:

  • Presentation matters. As a hardcore student of direct-response advertising, I’ve heard that “art doesn’t sell”. I don’t really agree. Especially after my experience in China. Making Lyps a high-quality brand in everything from packaging to copy to customer support paid off enormously, especially as we built reviews far faster than our competitors.
  • Honesty is the best approach. In Scientific Advertising, Claude Hopkins talks about selling simply by describing your product fully. The funny thing is, most businesses will never think about telling a customer everything about their product. But most consumers want to know everything they can about a product before they buy. By explaining all the benefits to the products upfront, customers had the information they needed to make an informed buying decision.
  • Personality helps when it comes to selling a private product. People are becoming more and more open about private matters. Still, not every product is polite dinner table discussion. Through empathy in the copy, we can help relieve our customers of this anxiety, significantly reducing friction to buy.

Case Study #3: Cracking The Top Ten Of One Of The World’s Most Competitive Markets… In Just Four Months!

After my success on Lyps I was assigned the position of “Overseas Marketing Director”. I had ten individuals reporting to me. Our job was to do for every brand in the company what we did for Bravolink.

“Guys, I’ve hired Mike in the past and he’s always delivered… and it’s always been on time. (rare in the biz). Good news is that his writing keeps getting better and better. Hire him and keep hiring him for your email follow-ups.

-Dave Miz, Marketer

We had many successes, but one of the most notable was in the highly competitive health and beauty market. Specifically, we were launching a new essential oils brand. Our competition was stiff. Almost every brand in the top 10 had several thousand reviews on Amazon. It is very, very difficult to compete against brands like this because reviews are king. Even if your product looks great… and has great copy… and is even the cheapest option… most customers will buy the product with the most reviews. This makes the top ten of any Amazon category difficult to crack.

We took the strategy that had worked so well for Lyps and turned it up to an 11. Our designer, the incredibly talented Luciano Drehmer, created breathtaking packaging (that cost less than our competitor’s awful packaging).

“Mike was one of our top journalists for a reason. His work is highly polished and written on a level most writers dream of.”

-Tim Dreckman, Artificial Utah

Since naming had worked so well in the Adult market, I decided to give our oil sets their own names and personalities as well. Knowing that the yoga and natural health markets love essential oils, I picked the names Bliss and Nirvana.

We launched the brand and once again, fireworks. By month #3, we’d reached the top ten spot on Amazon for Essential Oils. Bliss alone was generating over $450,000 a month in revenue!

Michael S. Collins new product launch success

Natrogix Bliss remains a best seller in this highly competitive market.

Thanks in large part to Michael’s branding and copywriting, we have reached the top 10 in Health & Beauty on Amazon, selling over 3,000 units per day and grossing $426,000 per month just four months after launch.
Roxas Liao, Natrogix

Tips From The Trenches:

  • Even the most competitive markets can be cracked… quickly. The company had high hopes for these essential oils. Yet we shattered all expectations. What was most surprising was the speed at which it all happened.
  • Creating packaging in China and shipping it to the USA gives you a huge advantage. 25%+ of the 5-star reviews for our essential oils remarked on the beautiful packaging and names. Since we lived in China, we could create beautiful packaging for cheap and ship it to the USA. This meant we were paying less for amazing packaging than our competitors were paying for garbage!
  • The shortcut to huge, fast wins. On this project we reverse engineered one of our top competitors. We figured out exactly how they were getting so many reviews so quickly. And then we did it better. Since then, reverse engineering is something I do with all my clients’ competition. We always find gems that lead to quick wins. And we always improve on what we find.

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