5 Ways to Double and Triple Your Sales Almost Overnight


You’d be right to be wary of anything promising overnight results.

But the fact is, there are quite a few legitimate ways to explode sales overnight.

If you’re missing out on any of these marketing techniques, you can bet you’re missing out on some serious revenue.


Thug Kitchen Video – Where’s the CTA?


Any copywriter worth his salt knows that without a CTA (call-to-action), an ad, sales page, website, video, whatever… is practically worthless.

Because if you’re not ASKING people to buy, and TELLING them how to do it, they’re not going to buy.

I just saw an awesome viral video… it was just posted today, and already has 105k views.

It’s for the “Thug Kitchen Cookbook”, and the food looks delicious.

The problem?

Nowhere in the video description is there any way to PRE-ORDER the cookbook… and it doesn’t come out until October 14th!