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On March 16, 2012, the Dollar Shave Club posted their first video promotion on YouTube. Today, just four years later, that video has over 22,000,000 views and the company is valued at well over half a billion dollars (WSJ).

It happens almost everyday. A new company goes viral for one reason or another. And it changes everything.

Severs crash. Phones ring off the hook. Mashable, Buzzfeed and the New York Times call you up to get the inside scoop.

Your problems change.

You go from not knowing where the next order is coming from

To Wondering How The Hell You’ll Ever Fulfill Them All!

That’s a big problem. But it’s what I’d call a “good problem”. And when you have a total abundance of orders, you have the money you need to fulfill them too.

With literally billions of eyeballs surfing the web every single day, begging for the next hot topic to share and link to, my question to you is…

What’s Stopping Your Business From Becoming The Next Viral Sensation?

A good piece of viral content will absolutely take your business to the next level. The Dollar Shave Club will be worth over one billion dollars in the next five years and it’s all because of one viral video.

And here’s what you might’ve not realized…

Viral content isn’t just about the initial flood of sales and new customers. It’s about the long-term too.

When an article, image or video really goes viral, it gets shared thousands of times over social media. This leads to a ton of traffic, that’s true…

But It Also Leads To A Virtual Flood Of High-Authority, Highly-Relevant Natural Backlinks!

These aren’t backlinks you order from somewhere. They’re the exact type of backlinks Google wants you to have. And while Google will penalize you for buying and artificially “building” backlinks (which is 95% of SEO services), they’ll highly reward you for earning them with viral content.

Viral content is a marketing asset for the lifetime of your business. It will continue to attract links, visitors and buyers for as long as you stay in business.

And since it’s such a great magnet for links, if it’s written correctly with lots of long-tail keywords, it’ll eventually rank on page #1 for more keywords than you can imagine.

There’s more…

The web right now is all about viral content. Entire media empires rise and fall on its back. But there’s a huge problem— hardly anyone really knows how to actually create it!

These media empires are starving for great content. So as soon as they get a whiff of something going viral, they’ll share it, link to it and promote it in a heartbeat!

This is why I say just ONE piece of truly viral content will do more for your business than anything else you’ve ever tried combined!

Just about everyone knows the power of viral content. But the “how-to” is shrouded in mystery.

Ask around about creating and promoting viral content and you’ll get a lot of answers containing the word “luck”.

The truth is,

Most People Don’t Have The First Clue What It Really Takes To Reliably Create Viral Content.

Frankly, most “writers” these days don’t know what makes people really tick.

Sure we all think we know why people do what they do.

But the TRUTH is instantly revealed when you push “publish” and all you get back is…


That’s why most business owners avoid viral content like the plague. Even though it’s the ONE thing that could solve every problem you’re currently dealing with in your business…

…And Create A Fresh Stream Of “Good Problems” Like Too Much Traffic And Too Many Orders Overnight!

I have some good news for you today. I’ve figured out a reliable method to churn out viral content like never before.

I can prove it.

And for a limited time only, I’m offering this service to you far cheaper than you can get it anywhere else!

My name is Michael Collins and I’m known on the Warrior Forum as one of the top “up-and-coming” copywriters.

I’ve generated well over $100,000 in new revenue for my clients and the number goes up every single day.

But more importantly for you today, I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of visitors, tens of thousands of comments and thousands of subscribers and buyers through viral content alone.

That’s why my clients are saying the following about me:

“Mike’s writing drew a surprising amount of attention to my website in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

-Matt McLaughlin, Austin Piano Festival

“The article Mike wrote for me got over 700 ‘upvotes’ on Reddit. To say the least, I’m very impressed.”

-David Lahav, Snowflake Analytics

“Mike wrote all our most opened emails, and his writing and marketing expertise played a vital part in our top grossing product launch.”

-Ryan Buck,

Here are just some of the results you can expect with one of my viral articles:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.54.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 3.29.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.28.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 2.56.51 PM

I am a writer who truly delivers on what I say I will. That’s why one of the Warrior Forum’s most respected and top-earning copywriters—Seth Czerepak (who’s endorsed by Dan S. Kennedy himself)—endorsed me:


So What Does This Service Cost?

Now the results I’ve gotten so far have been good. Some would say great. But for me… I’m just getting started.

I have yet to write my own “Dollar Shave Club” article.

That’s why for a very limited time only, I’m offering fresh, unique, viral articles for just $497 a piece.

This includes:

  • Viral topic research. I have a custom formula I use to decide exactly which topics are most likely to explode in your niche. This process is my “secret sauce” and I can guarantee no one else is doing this for under $5,000.
  • Your custom “path to viral”. This is worth far more than the cost by itself. I research all the places you can share and promote your article to after I write it. These are relevant websites who are dying to promote great content. And you can keep this list after we work together.
  • Your 100% unique VIRAL article. I work very hard on every viral article I write. It evokes real emotion out of readers and gets them to share and link to it. This is a marketing asset you can use for as long as you’re in business.
  • Step-by-step promotion instructions. You have to promote your content to make it go viral. It won’t “just happen.” But I walk you through this process step-by-step. This includes template emails you can send and a list of places to send them to. It’s easy, and as soon as a big influencer shares your content, you’ll be hooked.
  • FREE BONUS: One custom “Click Magnet” featured image ($150 Value). Your featured image is almost as important as the article itself. So I won’t leave that up to chance. I’ll use my own design skills to create a click magnet featured image for you that will grab your readers’ attention like nothing else you’ve seen.

Example of an image you’ll get.

You will not find an offer like this anywhere else. I’m just testing Facebook so I’m happy to offer you a genuine deal.

And if you need to rank high on Google fast, here’s a custom offer:

I will write you a LINK MAGNET article that will attract top influencers in your niche to naturally link to your content for just $797 total.

This includes:

Everything listed above for basic viral articles.

  • “Likely Linkers” research. This is when I dig through your niche and find all the influencers who can give you the best links possible. Then I figure out what they’re already linking to, and write a better piece of similar content.
  • Custom long-tail keyword research. I’ll do a little keyword research for basic viral articles. But for this, I do some serious digging and include long-tail keywords you’d never think of. This way as you attract links and shares you start ranking for great keywords right away.
  • Step-by-step “link attraction” guide. Just like with viral content links don’t always build themselves. I’ll give you proven email templates and a long list of influencers you should reach out to once you publish the post. And of course you can use this list for as long as you’re in business.
I Guarantee Your Article Will Go Viral

Even after reading all this, you might think “going viral” is all about luck. Fair enough.

I’m so confident that my method works, that if you DON’T see a significant boost in traffic from publishing the article I write for you—and following the promotion steps I give you—I will either rewrite or refund you completely.

But you HAVE to follow the promotion steps. Don’t worry – they’re easy. And fun when you start seeing results. But if you don’t do them, that is when you have to rely on luck. This isn’t about you getting lucky. It’s about doing the research that leads to the RIGHT article, and promoting it in the right places.

Viral content is the ONLY “all-in-one” strategy possible for growing your business online.

  • It brings you an immediate spike of visitors, subscribers and buyers.
  • It attracts natural backlinks that Google loves which brings your entire site up.
  • It becomes a marketing asset that will be shared and linked to for as long as you stay in business.

Whether you’re a lifelong entrepreneur or this is your first day in business,

No other marketing strategy can bring you even CLOSE to these results for even many times the price I’m charging.

(Have you ever spent just $1,000 on SEO? I’m willing to bet my life savings that didn’t get you anywhere close to page #1.)

Remember: my articles will generate a HUGE amount of attention the first day you post them.

But they’ll also continue to bring you income through attracting natural links and media promotion like magnets. And without you lifting a finger!

To place your order fill out the short form below and push submit. I’ll be in touch within one business day to move the project forward.

Turn around time is currently 1-1.5 weeks.

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P.S. This is a limited time offer. As soon as I wrack up enough case studies here I’m pushing my prices through the roof (and they’ll still be way more than worth it).

P.S.S. Here are what other clients are saying about my copywriting service:

“790 users on the website yesterday… And I think this is already my best week in sales and I still have the weekend to go. This will definitely be my best month. Just wanted to say thanks!”
-Zach LaBoube, InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss

“Lead generation has increased which has helped my company reach a six figure monthly revenue.”
-Jason Carlson, VA Help Center

“I know Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart already has this nickname, but Mike is copywriting’s version of ‘The Excellence of Execution.’ He simply gets the job done and done well…every time.”
-Todd Marsha, TJJ Enterprises

“Mike was one of our top journalists for a reason. His work is highly polished and written on a level most writers dream of.”
-Tim Dreckman, Artificial Utah