It’s like hiring John Carlton, Jay Abraham, Harlan Kilstein, or Gary Halbert before anyone heard of them.

Here’s Your Chance To Get “Proven-To-Convert” Copy From A Gifted Copywriter On The Rise.

Everything I Touch Turns To Gold, And For That Reason…

…This Offer Won’t Last.

I’ve generated over one hundred thousand dollars in sales for my clients. And by this time next year, I’ll put that number well over one million. The only question is, will you get a piece of the massive profits now, or will you pay me $10k a letter to get it later?

I’d like to first shamelessly say that the deal you’re about to read is, in the most literal sense possible, a limited time offer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in business for one main reason: to make a lot of money. I’m not afraid to admit it. I want to be able to LIVE and feel SECURE in this world, and that takes money – the more the better.

To reach this goal, I’ve learned how to attract money like a super-magnet. And today, I’m going to show you how.

In 1937, before there was Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft tried selling the dry, powdered cheese on its own. No one wanted it – it was a total flop. Then a clever marketer started packaging dried macaroni noodles with the powdered cheese. Just add boiling water and you have dinner. Overnight, the product was a huge success. To this day Macaroni and Cheese is one of Kraft’s top selling products, grossing more than $500,000,000 every year.

This is what a money copywriter can do for your business. Because in order to succeed, in order to make a lot of money, you have to TAP INTO your customers. You have to know what makes them tick, and how to speak to them… to show them that what you offer will make their lives truly better.

The difference is usually huge… a product that previously bombed turns into a huge success.

But for copywriters and marketers who don’t have “the gift”, this process is a total shot-in-the-dark. They just can’t comprehend how to do this. And that’s why you can hire any number of copywriters to write you up a sales letter that looks like winning copy…

…But Generates Nothing In Actual Sales!

If you haven’t achieved the business success you’ve dreamed about yet, it’s almost certainly NOT about the product you’re selling, or your business ideas.

It’s about the COPY that’s doing the selling!

If your copy doesn’t reach your into customer’s ears AND SELL TO THEM, you’re not going to make a dime. And your business is going to be non-stop “feast or famine” cycles, and endless struggle.

But read on, because there is another way.

Copywriting legend John Carlton talks about “the feast” of life. The feast is a way of living where you’re constantly in total financial abundance. It’s about reaching a stage in your business where you’re making more income than ever before. Maybe more than you ever dreamed possible.

At the feast, making money becomes EASIER than ever before. You find yourself needing to do less and less to make more and more.

“The Feast” is the POLAR OPPOSITE from what most business owners experience. Most business owners never know where the next client or customer will come from. They’re always struggling. And they work damn hard for the scraps they get. They dream of retiring on an island somewhere—fat and filthy rich—but they never come close.

So let me save you from that little hell. Here is the dead simple secret to life at the feast…

To Reach The Feast, Run Ads That Make You More Money Than They Cost To Run.

That’s it! Because when you have ads that make you more money than they cost to run, you can run them all the time. You’re constantly making a huge profit. And what’s more, you know EXACTLY how much you’ll make with every ad you put out.

This is why sales copy that truly converts is the HOLY GRAIL of business. And it’s why great copywriters are the highest paid marketers alive today!

Great copy allows you to finally break out of the cycle of feast or famine. It gives you true confidence and security. You know that whenever you get your ad in front of people, it’ll make you more money than it costs.

When every dollar you spend makes five back, you’ll never be happier spending that dollar again, and again, and again.

Here’s The Key:
Copywriters Either “Have It”, Or They Don’t.

Do you wish you could go back in time and get a sales letter written by John Carlton on the cheap, before his “One Legged Golfer” fame?

Do you wish you could’ve hired Jay Abraham before he turned Icy-Hot into one of the most profitable companies of all time?

Do you wish you could’ve had the great Gary Halbert write you a direct mail piece, before his “Family Crest” letter made over a hundred million dollars?

Well… now is your chance.

On this planet, there are those who “have it”, and those who don’t. It’s a gift that is bestowed on rare individuals, and no one has a single clue why some get it while others don’t.

Generally, to hire a copywriter who “has it”, you’ll need to pay $20,000+, minimum (that’s not a typo). Because for every $20k you pay them, you’ll make $100k back… at least.

Copywriters are a dime-a-dozen nowadays… they’re everywhere. But great, proven, money printing copywriters are more rare now than ever before.

I am happy to report that after years of blood, sweat and tears at the keyboard, I can honestly and enthusiastically say: my copy sells.

This is why four years ago, Seth Czerepak, one of the Warrior Forum’s highest paid copywriters, and a man who’s endorsed by Dan S. Kennedy himself, said the following about me:

“I believe Mike could go on to be one of the great copywriters. His work ethic and attitude are outstanding and he is always open to learning and sharpening his skills. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Seth has made millions for his clients and has trained me personally. And now his prediction is coming true.

At this point I’ve made my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I’m well on my way to making them tens of millions. And you have the incredibly rare opportunity of catching me just before I do it!

But Enough With The Talk… Here’s The Proof.

In the past four years, virtually everything I’ve touched has turned to gold:

  • I’ve written email autoresponders that more than doubled a client’s business literally overnight (from ~$4k/month average to $11k+/month).


  • I’ve written scripts for viral videos.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 2.57.16 PM

  • I wrote a sales page for a product that was way overpriced, because it was given away as a free gift for a trial membership (people weren’t supposed to buy it). The copy was so good the product sold $10k worth overnight anyways, and led to $15,000 a month in memberships.

Mike’s copy was so good we made $10k overnight on a product we didn’t think would sell at all… and then $15,000 a month recurring for the next several months.

Ryan Buck,

  • I’ve written advertisements on Reddit that have earned over 600 up-votes.


  • I’ve written all the copy for my six-figure web design company that I still own and operate today.
  • I even wrote a “cold email” to one of the top Hollywood directors in history, and got a response that turned into a conversation.

Now, here’s why this is such a great opportunity for you…

I’ve already had some awesome successes. And I’ve actually been personally mentored by a 9-figure copywriter, who taught me exactly how to get paid $10k+ per sales letter (if you know copywriting at all, I’m sure you’d recognize his name).

He’d call me crazy for saying this, and maybe he’s right, but I just don’t feel like I’m at that level yet. I want to get some more letters under my belt before I start charging those kinds of prices. And although I’m pretty darn sure everything I write will print money—and so far it has—I’m not ABSOLUTELY SURE. If I’m charging $10k per letter, that puts a heavy weight on my shoulders.

So for a very limited time, you have the unique opportunity, right now, to get in on my service while the price is insanely low.

As soon as I honestly know that it’s time to take things to the next level, I’m leaving here for good and joining the feast myself.

But in the mean time, I have your best interest in heart. I’m not here to get rich (other than pay the bills). I’m here to make you money. Because the more money I make you, the more money I’ll make in the future.

Right now I’m offering the following services:
Full Sales Letters – $497
Autoresponder Emails – $49 Each
Squeeze Pages – $79


MOST POPULAR: 7 Part Autoresponder Series – $249 ($94 in savings)

Complete Package – $849 ($168 in savings)
Full Sales Letter
7-Part Autoresponder Series
2 Affiliate Swipe Emails
1 Squeeze Page

I’m confident that anyone who reads the copy I write for you will be compelled to buy. It doesn’t matter what market you’re targeting. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate or you’re selling a product of your own.

My service is one that will make you more money. Let me show you just how much.


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  • Price: $249.00 Quantity:
    7-part email series, at a discounted price.
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    Includes sales copy, 7 part autoresponder series, 2 affiliate swipes, and a squeeze page at a huge discount.
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P.S. I have to highlight that this offer will not last. My writing sells, which puts me an extremely rare and exclusive category among copywriters. Very soon I’ll be packing my bags here and moving on to the major leagues.

P.S.S. If you have any questions or would like any samples, please shoot me a message here.